Vincent Gravallese


Vincent Gravallese is the Creator and Proprietor of Derby Supply Company. He is a Master Barber and the Director of Education and Training.

The legacy of haircutting was not only passed down by his mom, but can be traced through his lineage to his great uncle and great-grandfather.

In 2008 he attended the Reno Paul Mitchell Academy, where he graduated with a degree in cosmetology. In 2010 he emerged as an educator and studied under various masters of the industry. 

In an effort to pursue his vision of starting a shop for men- a place to rekindle the lost art and tradition of barbering, he expanded his talents and skills by entering barber college in Sacramento CA. 

Vincent is involved and has a working relationship with the community. He has volunteered his time and skill for five years with the Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation. He has also participated in Movember, Haircuts for the Homeless and various other charitable events. 

Vincent remains on cutting edge of his profession and maintains the utmost integrity and passion for his craft.  


Troy Henry

Troy is a Barber at Derby Supply Company. He accelerated to the top of his profession due to his hard work, passion for the industry, and being mentored by Master Barber, Vincent Gravallese from the very beginning.

In 2012 he graduated from the Reno Paul Mitchell Academy and immediately went on to barber college in Sacramento, CA to expand his skills and enthusiasm for top tier barbering and other traditional services such as straight razor shaving.

He has participated in Movember, St. Baldricks, and many other charity events.  Giving back to the local community, as well as spreading the awareness of Men’s Grooming and Barbering, are just a few of Troy’s many passions.

 He continues to push the creative boundaries within the industry and through his continuing education and hard work ethic. 



Nick Petrelli is a Master Barber at Derby Supply Company.  He has been working in the industry since 1984 and still remains as passionate and creative as the day he started.

He graduated from the West Coast Academy of Hair and received a post education from Redken’s Academy of Male Artistry and Nickolas. 

Nick has owned several of his own businesses in the past and is now focusing on his passion for traditional barbering and shaving.  

His years of seasoned experience in the industry brings a unique and valuable presence at Derby.


Tim Cook

Tim Cook is a Barber  at Derby Supply Company. 

He attended the Toni and Guy Academy in Denver, CO in 2006 and a few years after began an apprenticeship at Fellow Barber in New York.  After his apprenticeship he decided to attend Barber College in Chicago in 2014 and moved to Reno, NV.

Living on both coasts and in the Midwest has helped him cultivate a very unique and creative point of view as a barber. Regardless if it’s a classic professional men’s cut or something you’ve seen in a fashion magazine he knows what works.


Nick Bailo

Nick is a Master Barber at Derby Supply Company.  He went to barber college in Sacramento at Moler in 2011 and has worked at Maxwells Barber shop for the last 5 years.  Nick specializes in Fades of all types as well as military and professional haircuts. He draws his inspiration from european styles as well as from top professionals in the industry.  Nick has a passion for education and looks forward to this next chapter in his career.



Chris is our Apprentice Barber at Derby Supply Company.  He attended Moler Barber College in the winter/spring of 2015/16 and quickly began honing his skills while studying exclusively under Vincent Gravallese. Chris is no stranger to the service industry, and has extensive knowledge about cocktails, whiskey and coffee. If you want a great haircut and good conversation Chris is your guy.


les barroga

Derby heads 2-1.jpg

Les is the newest addition to the Derby Team.  As a new apprentice Les has shown both serious drive and passion for the industry. Born in Manila, Philippines he came to the U.S at only four years old and grew up in Reno, NV.  He studied initially at Moler Barber College and then finished up at the Nevada Barber College in Las Vegas.  If you are looking to get a great fade with an eye for perfection look no further.

ralph belleza

Derby heads-1.jpg

Ralph is the shop assistant and all around go to guy at Derby.  He is currently attending UNR and pursuing a degree in Business Management.  Ralph’s passion for style, hair and the art of barbering made him a perfect fit for the shop.  Looking to further his career in business management he has also taken an internship with Vinnie and is learning the ins and outs of the industry.  When at the shop if your looking for scheduling information, beer/whiskey knowledge or just all around good conversation Ralph has got you covered.