Starting January 1st 2018

We will no longer be allowing children under the age of 12 to be inside the shop or come in for an appointment. This is due to circumstances beyond our control and we apologize and appreciate your understanding

*Vinnie's availability during construction*

Vinnie will only be taking a small private clientele during the construction/repair of derby.  If asked to enter a code for your appointment please book with one of the other barbers.  Thank you for helping us free him up to get the shop back in tip-top condition.

*** please note*** 

Please be aware that your barber may be running behind as each individual service is uniquely different.

If you don't see the appointment you desire keep checking back. This calendar is a live updated feed of our schedule and is much more efficient than leaving a number for us to return your call.

Clients that are more than 15 minutes late may be rescheduled depending on the service.

Clients that don't show up for their scheduled appointment may be required to pre pay a deposit before rescheduling.

If you have any questions please visit the FAQ page or (if you don't see what you need there) give us a call.


You must book the correct service to the best of your ability.  If you have questions we would be happy to answer them for you but we do not take appointments over the phone due to the fact we don’t have a receptionist.  People who intentionally book a 30 min basic haircut and are trying to get a fade will receive a basic haircut.  Repeat offenders will be fined or turned away as we are trying to make this process easy and efficient as possible for everyone.